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  • Two 30-minute lessons that will teach your child how to manage their time and energy
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  • Our signature planning pages that can be used digitally or printed for writing by hand

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Is helping your child manage their time sucking what seems like hours from your day?

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Our FREE Time and Energy Management mini-course will teach your child to manage their time and energy step by step, in no more than 30 minutes per week.

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I’m Laura Fragomeni, Founder & Principal Academic Coach

After I earned my Master of Education from Harvard, I founded School Without Suffering to help students around the world be both successful and happy in school.

Over my 15+ years in education, I’ve tutored and taught students in grades K-16+ in a wide variety of settings, including traditional public school, home school, private tutoring, and hospital school programs.

And I’ve honed a compassionate, neuroscience-based approach to instruction and academic coaching that works.

I believe that when students have the tools and supports that they need, they thrive, and I can’t wait to begin working with you and your learner!

School Without Suffering really changed the academic game for my son.

Gaby – Mom of a Teen

My son can struggle to stay organized. He is learning to use his online schedule and organizational skills to keep him ready for what is coming up next and to plan out time management throughout the week. This class will be a huge help as he gets ready for middle school.

Jennifer – Mom of a Tween

Get your child started managing their time and energy so you can have yours back.

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We can’t wait for you to see your child

Consistently using their time and energy management system

Prioritizing their tasks

Understanding how much time and energy each task actually takes

Being flexible and making adjustments

Reflecting on how things have gone one week to improve the next