We’re sending off your child’s school stress in style. Are you in?


Your child can gain the skills they need to break the patterns that are holding them back.

And we are celebrating that.

When kids are anxious about school, they might tell you they’re anxious about school. Or they might:

  • procrastinate
  • refuse to read, write, or do math
  • spend all night doing homework
  • spend all night on their phone
  • yell, snap, cry
  • oversleep
  • over exercise
  • withdraw
  • become a class clown or even a class bully

But these behaviors no longer have to be a part of their life…or yours.

Join Laura Fragomeni—master educator, academic coach, and person who cares—to virtually celebrate breaking the pattern of school stress in your home.

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Here’s how we’re celebrating:

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Ask an expert live:

“My kid’s school anxiety is driving me nuts!”

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Quick Info:

  • The session will be held as a virtual meeting—not a webinar—we can actually speak face to face.
  • There will be live transcription.
  • It’s free to attend.
  • Sharing this event with anyone who you think would benefit is welcomed and encouraged!




Should you attend this Event?

Okay but really, should you set aside an hour to attend this virtual good-bye party? If you answer “Yes” to any of the following statements, then you should definitely be there.

You’re concerned about your child’s mental health as well as their school performance.

Your child’s relationship with school is affecting our relationship and your home environment.

Your child is struggling with school subjects that come easy to you, and you don’t know how to approach this problem.

You’re worried about passing your own judgments or insecurities on to your child.

You’re afraid that your child won’t be successful, or as successful as you know they can be.

Your child hasn’t been given a 2E or ADHD designation, but a lot of the signs are there. OR your child does have a designation, and you have questions.

You’ve heard of executive function, and you know it’s important, but you’re a little fuzzy on how to make sure your child is building those skills.

You want to see that it’s possible for the math, writing, or reading-related anxiety meltdowns to transform into confident work sessions.

You’re tired and you want to have some fun with some adults that get it.


It’s a terrible transformative time for kids and parents.

Now more than ever, it’s time for you to:

  • Take a critical look at how school is affecting your twice-exceptional, ADHD, or anxious child
  • Learn what’s truly possible for them
  • Celebrate what can be and get this transformation started

With the right tools and resources, every child can thrive.

The question is, are you ready to make it happen?



School Without Suffering really changed the academic game for my kid. In addition they were able to keep me in the loop every step of the way. They really know how to be present and support what the students want to accomplish so they are invested in the outcome. I could not recommend them more highly.

Gaby – Mom of a High Schooler

Our son had gotten fairly disaffected with school, where he was frustrated with the slow pace in math and science and felt he was being ‘pecked to death by worksheets.’ We were concerned watching our otherwise bright and inquisitive child wither intellectually. Laura embarked on an intensive course of study in math and science and the impact was fantastic. We could see his spark start to reignite and his confidence grow with every session. Laura is kind, but also no-nonsense. She has been a very positive presence for our son and we are so grateful!

Maryam – Mom of a Middle Schooler

Hi! I’m Laura Fragomeni, Founder of School Without Suffering.

I founded School Without Suffering to help students around the world be both successful and happy, because I believe that when students have the tools and supports that they need, they thrive. 

I’m a passionate, highly-qualified teacher who’s been educating students with diverse learning needs for more than a decade.

Over that time, I’ve taught students in grades K-16+ in a wide variety of settings, including traditional public school, home school, private tutoring, and hospital school programs.

And I’ve honed a compassionate, neuroscience-based approach to instruction and academic coaching that works.

I earned my Master of Education in Technology, Innovation, and Education from Harvard University, and my Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, and Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies from Emory University.

I’m also an Educational Therapy Certificate candidate and hold a California Teaching Credential (clear) with English Learner Authorization.

I can’t wait to celebrate what’s possible for your child at the School Without Suffering Goodbye Party!